Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

We will not manicure them the nurse had said you can

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Unformatted text preview: she drank. He was laughing. He had turned up the music again. Boom, boom, boom. She let the bottle drop, and wiped her lips. She should be walking. "Got to leave you." "Not yet, darlin'." He sat down beside her, took the milk bottle and laid it carefully out of the way. "Want some ice cream? People who like milk always like ice cream." "I never had any before," she said. "Honey, you'll love ice cream." He opened the package. He began to feed her with a small white spoon. Oh, this tasted even more like Mother's breast, sweeter and delicious. It made a shiver pass through her. She took the carton and began to eat. She was humming with the music. Suddenly the music and the taste were all she knew. She tried to shake herself back into the moment. The little building in the woods; he and she alone on the floor. All the dancers gone. His wanting to do it with her. And the spot of blood after, when she had reached down. "It just died like that." "What was that...
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