Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Well ceecee wasnt going to do that anymore was she

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Unformatted text preview: in the solid way so that others in this room might see, but merely an apparition, soft as silk brushing my shoulder. And the child's eyes had seen it too! The child was making its tiny precocious mouth into a smile for it. Her cries grew quiet; her tiny hands opened and closed. I planted my kiss on her forehead. A witch, a witch through and through; the scent of power rose from her like perfume. And then came the most ominous words I had ever heard, confiden- tial from the fiend to me: "Well done, Julien. You have served your purpose!" I was thunderstruck. Every silent and deafening syllable sank in slowly. LASHER I let my right hand slip up and around the baby's throat, beneath its covers of white linen and lace, and closed my thumb and my fore- finger tightly against the pale flesh, though no one in the room took notice. "Julien, no!" came his whisper in my head. "Oh, come now," I asked in my secret voice, "you need me to protect it for a little while longer, don't...
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