Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Well i told her if you want to kill me just call on

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Unformatted text preview: poem to it." The fiend went into a frenzy. My mother threw her hands over me to protect me. Everything was flying about. . . furniture, bottles, jars, books. It was worse than all those feathers had been, and things were raining down upon us. "Stop!" my mother declared. "Who will protect Katherine?" The room grew quiet. "Do not become my enemy, Julien," said the thing. I was at this point scared to death. I'd proved my point. This thing was a liar. This thing was not the repository of any sanctified wisdom. And this thing could kill me all right, as surely as it had my enemies, and I had made it very angry. 273 I was wily. "All right, you would be flesh?" "I would be flesh, I would be flesh, I would be flesh!" "Then we shall proceed with our experiments in earnest." Michael, you yourself have seen the fruits of those years. When you came to this house, you saw the human heads rotted in their jars of fluid. You saw the infants swimming there in darkness. You s...
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