Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Well a lot of this would have to wait the point was

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Unformatted text preview: driver's license as soon as you could qualify and see over the dashboard. Well, a lot of this would have to wait. The point was, she'd known tonight as they walked back from the Comus parade that Michael was quite strong enough to go to bed with her, if only she could get him to do it, which was not going to be an easy thing. Men Michael's age had the best combination of conscience and self-control. An old man, like her Great-uncle Randall, that had been easy, and young boys, like her cousin David, were nothing at all. But a thirteen-year-old going after Michael Curry? It was like scal- ing Everest, Mona thought with a smile. Pm going to do it if it kills me. And maybe then, when she had him, she'd know what he knew about Rowan, why Rowan and he had fought on Christmas Day, and why Rowan had disappeared. After all, this wasn't really a betrayal of Rowan. Rowan had gone off with someone, that was almost for sure, and everybody in the family, whether they would talk about it or not, was terrified for Rowan. It wasn't like R...
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