Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Well these powers didnt scare mona more and more mona

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Unformatted text preview: Talamasca people were amazing. "And Aunt Bea is about to marry one of them," thought Mona. That was like hearing that a juicy big fly had just been snared in one's sticky web. That Rowan Mayfair had slipped through Mona's clutches, that Mona had never had five minutes alone with Rowan, that was a tragedy to be filed under \WS\ MONA \ DEFEAT. But Mona had caught the very strong impression that Rowan was afraid of whatever power she had, just as the others were afraid. Well, these powers didn't scare Mona. More and more Mona felt like a dancer just coming into a time of perfect strength. So she was only five feet one inch tall, and not likely to grow much taller. Her body was maturing with every passing day. She liked being strong and unusual. She liked reading people's thoughts and seeing things that other people couldn't see. The fact that the man she'd seen was a ghost thrilled her. And she hadn't really been surprised to hear it. If only she had gotten into the house in those days. Well, those da...
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