Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

What can you do aaron reluctantly agreed indeed it had

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Unformatted text preview: s to resign the post. Aaron was the one to whom Yuri responded, Aaron was the one about whom Yuri cared. Yuri knew that between him and Aaron there was a special bond. For Yuri, it was the powerful irrational love that forms its roots in childhood, in loneliness, in ineradicable memories of tenderness and rescue, a love that no one but the recipient can destroy. Aaron is my father, Yuri thought, just as Aaron must have been a father to Andrew, who had died in the hotel in Rome. As Yuri grew older he was away more of the time. He loved to wander on his own. He was most comfortable when anonymous. He needed to hear different languages around him, to submerge himself in giant cities teeming with people of all ranks and ages; when he was so immersed-with his individuality an entirely private and unrecog- nized matter-he felt most alive. But almost every day of his life-wherever he was-Yuri spoke to Aaron by phone. Aaron never chided Yuri for this dependence. Indeed, Aaron was always open and ready for Yuri, and as the years passed, Aaron began to confide to Yuri more of his own feelings, his own litt...
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