Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

What did julien give you she asked evelyn had sat on

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Unformatted text preview: ien. "So you were the one who took that little Victrola! Ah, yes, I remember, but Evie, I think you're all mixed up about the rest. He was always so gay around us, Evelyn, are you sure he was so frightened? "Of course I do remember the day Mother burnt his books. He was so angry! So angry. And then we went to get you. Do you remember. I think I told him you were in the attic up there at Amelia, a prisoner, just so he would get angry enough not to die on the couch that very afternoon. All those books. I wonder what was in them. But he was happy after that, Evie, especially after you started coming. Happy till the end." "Yes, happy," Evelyn had declared. "He was right in his head till the day he died." In her mind's eye, she was in that time once more. She grabbed the tangled, thorny vines, climbing higher and higher up the stucco wall. Oh, to be that strong again, even for a moment, to step up to one bar of the trellis after another, fingers tugging on the vines, pushing thr...
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