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What did he look like and then alicia had gone into

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Unformatted text preview: wo of her friends from Sacred Heart lived pretty close to First and Chestnut. Sometimes she went home with them after school, just to have the excuse. They loved to have her help with their homework, and she was glad to do it. And they told her things about the house. "The man's a ghost," her mother had whispered to her right in front of Gifford. "Don't ever tell the others that you've seen him. But you can tell me. What did he look like?" And then Alicia had gone into shrieking laughter again until Gifford had actually begun to cry. An- cient Evelyn had said nothing, but she'd been listening to all of this. You could tell when she listened by the alert look in her small blue eyes. What in God's name did she think of her two granddaughters? Gifford had taken Mona aside later, as they walked to Gifford's car (Jaguar sedan, very Gifford, very Metairie). "Please believe me when I tell you to stay away from there," she'd said. "Nothing but evil comes out of that house." Mona had tried to promise. But it hadn't interested her much at all...
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