Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

What is it ancient evelyn she asked whats happened you

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Unformatted text preview: ." "Oh, you are so mean to me. Did you come uptown just to say this to me? And what about Michael Curry? They say he almost died on Christmas Day, may I ask why he is giving a party on Shrove Tues- day?" Alicia was by that time trembling with indignation and rage at the sheer madness of life, at the utter lack of logic to things, that anything could expect anything of her. After all, had she not practi- cally killed herself just to secure that, from all responsibility she would be forever exempt? How much more liquor did it take? "This Michael Curry nearly drowns and so what does he do? He gives a party? Doesn't he know his wife is missing! His wife could be dead! What kind of man is he, this crazy Michael Curry! And who the hell said he could live in that house! What are they going to do about the legacy! What if Rowan Mayfair never comes back! Go on, go to Destin. Why should you care? Leave me here. It doesn't matter! Go to hell." Wasted anger, wasted words, beside...
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