Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Whatever happened to her these specimens had to be

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Unformatted text preview: tants, the iconoclasts." She clapped her hands almost with glee. "Oh, you must tell me what makes you think so." She went on a tirade about the Protestant Refor- mation in Scotland, the burning of witches that had gone on for a century or more right to the very end of the history of Donnelaith, cruel cruel burnings. He sat dazed. "I'll bet you're absolutely right. It was John Knox and his reform- ers! Donnelaith had remained, right up to the bloody fire, a powerful Catholic stronghold. Not even wicked Henry the Eighth could sup- press Donnelaith." The woman was now repeating herself, and going on at length about how she hated the political and religious forces which destroyed art and buildings. "All of that magnificent stained glass, imagine!" "Yes, beautiful glass." But he had received all she had to give. As evening fell they went out again. He had been silent, not hungry, not disposed for love, and not letting her out of his sight. He walked...
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