Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

When aaron relocated to london it was a sad day for

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Unformatted text preview: d a person familiar to him. Yuri saw a camera on a tripod. The man gestured for Yuri to stand in front of it. "For what?" he asked sharply. He was still holding the brown envelopes. He stared angrily at the white-haired man and his friendly companion, who laughed now at Yuri as if Yuri were cute. "For another passport," said the Englishman in Italian. "None of those you have is exactly right." "This is no passport office," said Yuri contemptuously. "We arrange our own passports," said the man. "We like it better that way. What name do you want to have? Or will you leave this to me? I would like you to cooperate, and then you can come to Amster- dam with me and see if you like it." "No," said Yuri. He remembered Andrew saying no doctors. "No police," said Yuri. "No orphanages, no convents, no authorities. No!" He rattled off several other terms he knew for such persons in Italian and Romanian and Russian. It al...
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