Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

When i called to tell them about all this they went

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Unformatted text preview: g fluorescent light up there? It's driving me crazy. Do you have an incandescent lamp in this fancy room?" Mitchell looked startled. He sat back as though he'd been pushed. For a moment, he seemed not to understand the words, and then he said, "Oh yes." He touched a panel under the lip of his desk. The overhead light went out suddenly and finally, and a pair of small lamps on the desk were quickly illuminated, soft, yellow, pleasant. They made the deep green of the desk blotter come to life. Lark hadn't noticed the perfect, markless blotter, or its leather corners. Or the still, odd-shaped black phone hunkering there with its numerous and mysterious buttons like a symbolic Chinese toad. "That's better. I hate that kind of light," said Lark. "And tell me exactly what you know." "First tell me why I can't talk to Rowan Mayfair, why I can't get more data. Why didn't she send you photographs of this thing? I have to talk to her-" "Nobody can find her. I've been trying for weeks. Her famil...
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