Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

When the sun had risen she had opened the door of a

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Unformatted text preview: xious on the corner of Carondolet and Canal, amid the common crowd, waiting for a streetcar. He'd probably never ridden it in his life. "You should have called Clancy before you left," she said to him. "Clancy called earlier. Did they tell you?" He nodded. "Clancy's all right. She's with Claire and Jenn. Jenn is crying. She wanted you to be with her." "I can't do that now." Jenn. Jenn was still a little kid. You couldn't tell any of this to Jenn. And protecting Jenn would be too much hard work. The streetcar was jammed with tourists. Very few of the real people at all. The tourists wore bright, neatly pressed clothes because the weather was still cool. When the humid summer came on, they would be as disheveled and half-naked as everyone else. Mona and Pierce sat quiet together on a wooden seat as the car screeched and roared through lower St. Charles Avenue, the small Manhattan-style canyon of office buildings, then around Lee Circle and on uptown. It was almost magical...
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