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Which way is new orleans she said mother hadnt known

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Unformatted text preview: our house. It had columns on the front, Doric down and Corinthian up, and a great alcoved door, and further back octagonal wings jutting out on both sides, and throughout rounded Italian-style windows. It was mas- sive and bulky yet graceful. Not such a bad house, though not pure and old as ours was. And immediately I spied, as Stella pointed, the attic window. It was a double dormer, in the very center over the porch, and I swear I could feel the pulse of the girl who peered through the glass at me. A wan bit of face up there, a streak of hair. And then nothing but the sun flashing in the glass. "Oh, there she is, poor, darling Rapunzel," Stella cried and waved vigorously though the girl had disappeared. "Oh Evie, we have come to save you." Then out upon the porch came storming Tobias and his son Oliver, the younger brother of Walker, and a blithering fool if ever there was one. It was almost impossible to tell on sight which was which, and which was more feeble. "Why hav...
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