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Why building this house was maybe the only good thing

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Unformatted text preview: had to be told. Mona was up at the First Street house. Ancient Evelyn knew it. Perhaps Mona was searching for that Victrola and the beautiful pearls. Ancient Evelyn had known all night that Mona was out. But she never really had to worry about Mona. Mona would do all the things in life that everyone wanted to do. She would do them for her grand- mother Laura Lee and for her mother, CeeCee, and for Ancient Evelyn herself. She would do them for Gifford . . . Gifford dead. No, that did not seem possible, or likely. Why did I not feel it when it happened? Why didn 't I hear her voice? Back to the practical things. Ancient Evelyn stood in the hallway, thinking whether she ought to go on her own in search of Mona, to go out on the bumpy streets, the sidewalks of brick and flag on which she might fall, but never had, and then she thought with her new eyes she could do it. Yes, and who knew? It might be her last time to really see. A year ago, she could not have seen to walk downtown. But young Dr. Rhode...
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