Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Why had i come back to learn these truths why had i

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Unformatted text preview: with the women, that I had brought death to all four but did not know how. My confessor laughed at me, softly, reassuringly. I had not killed the women. On the contrary, God had preserved me from the plague which had killed them. It was a sign of my special destiny. I should not think of it anymore. Many a priest has stumbled, taken to his bed a whore. The important thing was to be larger than that sin and that guilt, to carry on in the service of God. "Don't be full of pride. Ashlar. So you finally succumbed like every- one else. Put it behind you. You know now that it is nothing, this pleasure, and God has spared you from the plague for Himself." LASHER He told me that the time would come perhaps when I was to go to England, that England would need us as never before. "Queen Mary is dying," he said. "If the crown goes to Elizabeth, the daughter of the witch," he said, "there shall be terrible persecutions of the Catholics again." I left the confessiona...
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