Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Why have you been following me i saw you in florence

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Unformatted text preview: t;I am here. I am here to become a friar but you know that I have been sent to be a saint." There was a surge of pride in me; no one knew the secret. That I would one day return to Scotland with the precepts of Francis, and possibly save my people as the good Father there had told me I must do. I was destined through humility to achieve great things. But I saw this pride for what it was. "If you are to become a saint, you must do it truly," I thought to myself. "You must imitate Francis, and these friars and the other saints of whom they have told you-you must forget that ambition. For a saint cannot have the ambition to be a saint. A saint is the servant of Christ. Christ may decide that He wants you to be nothing! Be ready for it." But though I made this confession or admonition in prayer to my- self, I was secretly confident. I am destined to shine like the image of St. Ashlar in the colored glass. For many hours I remained in the shrine, almost drunk on the devotion...
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