Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Why have you locked that child in the attic said i and

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Unformatted text preview: lla. I love Stella too but Carlotta's the one with the head." "It's all done, it was done many a year ago," said Mary Beth. "Car- lotta's soul is closed to me. It's closed to him and he will not abide her here except as something to serve the family case, in the shadows." "Ah, but you see how he controls things now. How can Carlotta serve the family case? How do those scholars in Amsterdam serve it? There is something I have to unravel. This thing can kill those it would not suffer to live." "You are simply thinking too much for an old man," she said. "You don't sleep enough. Scholars in Amsterdam, what is all that? Who cares about people who tell tales of us, and that we are witches? We are, that is our strength. You try to put it all in some kind of order. There is no order." "You're wrong," I said. "You are miscalculating." Every time I looked into Stella's innocent eyes, I realized I could not tell her the full burden of what I knew. And to see her play with the emerald necklac...
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