Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Why would he come shouldnt he be running away as fast

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Unformatted text preview: The drugstores had guards near the regis- ter. Just the way of this banana republic, Gifford had said once. Mona had answered, "Yeah, so brilliant. Guys at minimum wage with loaded thirty-eights." However crude, these measures had been relentless and effective for the family. No further assaults had been made on Mayfair women. All the women were gathered in at various houses. There was no group smaller than six or seven. There was no group without men. A separate fleet of detectives brought in from Dallas combed the city of Houston, fanning out from the building, asking anyone and everyone if he or she had seen this tall black-haired man. They had made drawings of him, based on Aaron's verbal description, which had come to him through the Talamasca. They were also searching for Dr. Samuel Larkin. They could not understand why he had left the Pontchartrain Hotel without telling anyone-until they found the message at the desk which had been called up to his room. "Meet Rowan. Come alone." The message...
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