Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Why would you trust me now aaron asked in a quiet

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Unformatted text preview: u wish to live in an attic." I pulled her to me; she gave no resistance, and no cooperation either. How strange she seemed, how pale, how accustomed to the darkness. Her neck was long and thin, and she had small ears with no lobes to LASHER them, and then I saw on her hand the mark of the witch! She had on her left hand the sixth finger! Just as they had told me. I was amazed. But they had seen me see it. A great squabble broke out. The girl's uncles had come, Ragnar and Felix Mayfair, young men famous about the town, and known to be suspicious of us. They started to block my way. But in an instant the wind had gathered. All could feel it stealing along the floor, icy and strong. It whipped those who blocked the way, until they stepped back, and then I took the girl by the hand and led her back into the front hall and down the main staircase. Stella crept at my side. "Oh, Oncle Julien," Stella said as breathlessly as some village girl to a great prince. "I adore you." And with us walked this pale swan of a...
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