Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Will you come into our house i said again and there

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Unformatted text preview: children, no matter how unkind those children were to me. I took no notice of her. "And you fuss over that fire," said she in a cold righteous way, "and you let them do what they have done to that child, and you know it is in fear of Mother. Of you and of Mother." "What are you talking about? What child?" said I. But she was gone, angry and despairing, and stalking away. But soon Stella appeared, and I told her all these words. "Stella, what does all this mean? What is she talking about?" "She dared to say that to you? She knew you were ill. She knew you and Mother had quarreled." Tears sprang to Stella's eyes. "It's nothing to us, it's just those Fontevrault Mayfairs and all their own madness. You know, the Amelia Street gang. Those zombies." Of course I knew whom she meant-the Fontevrault Mayfairs being the descendants of my cousin Augustin, whose life I'd taken when I was only fifteen with a pistol shot. His wife and children had founded that line at Fontevrault, as I told you-their own palatial plantation...
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