Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

With faces of wax the immediate family had received

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Unformatted text preview: he said. "I've come to see you. I've come to talk to Mona Mayfair." Good Lord, what a shock that gave him. How alarmed he was. But she sang it out loud and clear. "I know Mona's inside. You tell her to come out." And then there was her sleepy girl, in a white gown, all frazzled and yawning the way children do, as if no one is holding them ac- countable. Up in the treetops they stood behind the black railing, and it struck her suddenly what had happened, where they had been together. Oh, good Lord, and Gifford had warned her about this, that Mona was "on the path" so to speak, and must be watched, and that child hadn't been looking for the Victrola at all, she'd been looking for Mary Beth's style of Irish boy, Rowan Mayfair's husband: Michael Curry. Ancient Evelyn felt a lovely desire to laugh and laugh. As Stella would have said, "What a scream!" But Ancient Evelyn was tired and her fingers curled over the black wire of the fence and she was relieved as...
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