Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Within the direct vicinity of the building they were

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Unformatted text preview: restaurant, and capitulated, taking a chair opposite the tall Norwegian, and watching in silence as the waitress was instructed to bring coffee, and something sweet to eat. Yuri figured Stolov was perhaps ten years older than he. That meant Stolov was perhaps forty. As the black raincoat fell open, he saw 403 the conventional Talamasca suit, expensive cut, tropical wool, but not ostentatious. The look of this generation. Not the tweed and leather patches of David and Aaron and their ilk. "You're very suspicious and you have a right to be," said Stolov. "But Yuri, we are an order, a family. You shouldn't have gone out of the Motherhouse the way you did." "You told me that already. Why did the Elders forbid me to speak to Aaron Lightner?" "They had no idea that it would have such repercussions. They wanted only silence, an interval, in which to take measures to protect Aaron. They did not imagine those words spoken in a booming voice." The waitress filled their china cups with the pale, weak coffee, "Espresso," said Yuri. "I'm sorry....
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