Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Women used this cloth to line their everyday quilts

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Unformatted text preview: s were gone now. "We are coming into an age," Mary Beth said, "when science itself may know the name of this spirit, when science will tell us what it is." On and on she spoke of spiritualists and mediums and seances and guides, and the scientific study of the occult, and such things as ecto- plasm. I was revolted. Ectoplasm, the thing from which mediums make their spirits material? I didn't even answer. I was sunk into despair. Stella cuddled beside me and held my hand, and said finally: "Mamma, do shut up. He isn't listening to a word you say and you are boring him." I gave no argument one way or the other. "I see far," said Mary Beth. "I see a future in which our thoughts and words do not matter. I see in our clan our immortality. It will not be in our lifetime-any of us-that Lasher will have his final victory. But it will come and no one will prosper from it as greatly as we will. We shall be the mothers of this prosperity." "All hope and optimism," I sighed. "What of the glen, wh...
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