Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Yes a beautiful house i thought poor darcy no wonder

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Unformatted text preview: rooms during the lavish picnics we gave, or the-balls we held, who cared? No one missed her. I was there, 277 dancing with Katherine of course, who broke the hearts of all the young men who chased after her-Katherine now past twenty-five years of age, an old maid in the South of those times, but so beautiful no one dared even think such a thing, and so wealthy, of course, that she need never marry. In fact, it soon came clear to me that she was afraid to marry. Of course my mother and I had told her what we could. And she had been horrified. She didn't want to have a child, for fear the evil seed would be carried on. "I shall die a virgin," she said, "and that will be the end. There will be no more witches." "Any comments?" I asked Lasher. "Laughter" was his solitary reply. "She is human. Humans crave each other's company; humans crave little ones. There are many cous- ins to choose from. Look at those who have the marks. Look at those who see.&...
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