Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Yes and the moon behold the moon the beautiful

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Unformatted text preview: you dream. The girl said what would get her a gift, perhaps, or make Carlotta leave, for all we know. The girl's a mute almost. The girl sits in the window all day and watches the traffic on St. Charles Avenue. The girl sings sometimes, or speaks in rhymes. She cannot lace her own shoes or brush her hair." "And that wicked Tobias doesn't let her out," said Stella. "Damn it all, I've heard enough. Have my car brought round to the front." "You can't go driving," said Mary Beth, "you're too ill. Do you want LASHER to die on the front steps of Amelia Street? Have the courtesy to die in your bed with us." "I'm not ready for dying yet, my darling daughter," I declared, "and you tell the boys to bring the car around now, or I'll walk up there. Richard, where is Richard! Richard, get me fresh clothes, everything. I will change in the library. I cannot walk upstairs. Hurry." "Oh, you are really going to scare them out of their wits,&quo...
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