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Yes if the nice gentleman wanted to buy him clothes

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Unformatted text preview: was eight years old. When a child learns that much language very early he has a great advantage, not only in the realm of linguistics but in the realm of logic and imagistic thought. Yuri's mind was inherently agile, and not secre- tive by nature, though much of his life he had repressed his natural talkativeness and only now and then let it come forth. Yuri had many other advantages from the time of his mother-that she'd been clever, effortlessly beautiful, and a bit devil-may-care. She had always earned plenty from her male companions, yet was a social being, chatting with the employees in the hotels where she entertained her men, and having other women friends with whom to spend an afternoon at a cafe talking rapidly over coffee or English tea. Her men had never been mean to Yuri. Many never saw Yuri at all. And those who were longtime companions were always nice to him, otherwise Yuri's mother would never have had them around. He had nourished in this atmosphere of kindness and general indu...
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