Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Yes yes hed said this evening i havent forgotten the

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Unformatted text preview: rket invest- ments abroad then you've got global-" "Hold it," he'd said. "Who's going to invest in a fund called Mona One?" Mona had been quick on the reply. "Everyone!" The best part was Uncle Ryan had finally laughed and promised again to buy her a black Porsche Carrera for her fifteenth birthday. She had never let him forget that from the moment she'd become obsessed with the car. She didn't see why all the Mayfair money couldn't buy her a fake driver's license, too, so she could slam the pedal to the floor right now. She knew all about cars. The Porsche was her car, and every time she saw a parked Carrera she crawled all over it, hoping the owner would come. She'd hitched rides three times that way with perfect strangers. But never tell anyone that! They'll die. As if a witch couldn't protect herself. "Yes, yes," he'd said this evening, "I haven't forgotten the black Porsche, but you haven't forgotten your promise to me, have you, that you'll never drive...
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