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You are ashlar my son there is no doubt of it now tell

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Unformatted text preview: ained-glass window in the great Highlands Cathedral of Donnelaith. I would be told that I was he, and I had "come again." But what I am telling you now is what I remember. What I knew! It took us many days and nights to reach Scotland. It was the dead of winter, it was in fact the first days after Christ- mas, when the worst fears grip the peasants, and it is thought that spirits walk and witches do their evil work. It was the time when the peasants forsook the teachings of Christ and, dressing in animals' skins, went prowling door to door, demanding tribute of the superstitious inhabitants. Old custom. We slept only fitfully in small village inns when we came upon them, usually amid the hay and with others, and often sickened and annoyed by the vermin. We stopped again and again so that I might have milk. I drank milk warm from the cow. It was good, but not as sweet as the milk of my mother. I ate the cheese in handfuls. It was pure. We traveled by horseback, wrapped in heavy woolens and skins, and through...
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