Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

You are excommunicated without prejudice which means

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Unformatted text preview: real day of her life. When the sun had risen, she had opened the door of a small kitchen, and taken the milk from the refrigerator and drunk the whole con- tainer. That had been morning, the delicious taste of cold milk, and the warm yellow sun coming down in long slender dusty rays through the thin, dead-looking trees, and over the grass. Someone from the house had found her. She had said thank you for the milk. She was sorry it was all gone, but she had to have it. In the long run, these things weren't important. These people wouldn't hurt her. They didn't know what she was. In the old days, if you had stolen milk like that they would have run after you, chasing you deep deep into the mountains, maybe even . . . LASHER "But all that is no longer important," said Father. "This is our time to rule." Go now, to New Orleans. Find Michael for Mother. Yes, that is what Mother wanted with all her heart. Stop in the field where the cows stand in sleep, waiting for you. Drink the warm milk from the udder. Drink and drink and drink. She turned, but the ba...
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