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You are pushing your luck you are asking to be

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Unformatted text preview: t endure any of this a moment longer. And then he moved towards her and took her in his arms and crushed her to his chest. There was an awful silence and then the more awful sound of his crying-the deep, choked, repressed sob of a man, full of shame as well as misery, a sound a woman seldom made, almost unnatural. Pierce put his arm around his father's shoulder. Ryan pulled Mona back, gave her a fierce kiss on the cheek, and then, squeezing her shoulder, let her go. She had gone all soft towards him, and squeezed him, and kissed his cheek, too. He followed Pierce out of the library. As the door opened and closed, Michael heard a chorus of voices from the hall-the hushed voice of Beatrice, and the deeper voice of Randall, and others he could not distinguish in the hubbub that fol- lowed. He realized he was alone with Aaron and with Mona. And Aaron had not moved. Aaron had about him that listless look. Aaron seemed gravely disabled as Michael himself had been only days ago. Mona had slunk into the corner, glowing like a little candle with her flaming hair, arms folded,...
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