Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

You can reward me after as you always have i said this

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Unformatted text preview: truck him with the porcelain slab. The blood ran out of his ears onto the floor. He shut his eyes. He dreamed. Mother drew back, sobbing, and dropped the porcelain slab. But Mother was filled with excitement, filled with hope. Mother almost fell down too, but she climbed over Fatherland ran out into the room, and snatched her clothes and purse from the closet floor, her purse, yes, her purse, she had to have her purse, and off she ran down the hallway in her bare feet, Emaleth tossed and thrown and reaching out for the world to make it steady. They were in the tiny elevator going down, down, down! It felt so good to Emaleth! They were in the world outside the room. Mother lay against the back of the elevator, putting on her clothes, mumbling aloud to herself, crying, wiping at her face. She pulled the red sweater over her head. Pulled on the skirt, but she could not button it. She pulled the sweater down over it. Where were they going? Mother, what happened to Father? Where are we going? Father wants u...
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