Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

You cant do this shes my daughter and ancient evelyn

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Unformatted text preview: . He'd gone to all that trouble in 1914 to get it out of the house- assuming that sleeping with thirteen-year-old Ancient Evelyn had been trouble-and when Ancient Evelyn tried to pass on that Victrola to Mona, Giiford and Alicia had had a terrible quarrel. Oh, that was the worst of days. Mona had never seen such a fight as happened then between Alicia and Gifford. "You're not giving her that Victrola," Gifford had screamed. She'd run at Alicia and slapped her over and over, and tried to push her out of the bedroom where she had taken the Victrola. "You can't do this, she's my daughter, and Ancient Evelyn said it is to be hers!" Alicia had screamed. They had fought all the time like that as girls, think nothing of it, Ancient Evelyn had said. She had remained in the parlor. "Gifford will not destroy the Victrola. The time will come when you may have the Victrola. No Mayfair would destroy Oncle Julien's Victrola. As for the pearls, Gifford can keep them for now." Mona didn't car...
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