Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

You cant imagine how many people are searching the

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Unformatted text preview: ?" "Aaron, let's not go into the ghost stories," pleaded Beatrice. "Come, all of you-" "You think it will be like that? He'll speak?" asked Polly Mayfair, Sweetheart. "I never thought of it. I thought we'd find him and we'd, you know . . . take care of this . . . destroy him. We would put an end to something that should never have been allowed to begin. No one would ever know. I never thought of speaking to him." Aaron gave a little shrug. He looked at Yuri as he spoke. "I'm only undecided on one point," Aaron said, "Will he go to First Street? Will he go to Mayfair and Mayfair? Will he go out to Metairie to those gathered at Ryan's house? Or will he come here? Whom will he seek out-to speak with, to trust, to lure to his side of it? I haven't figured it all out." "But you believe he will do that!" "Darling, he has to," said Aaron. "This is his family. They are all under lock and key. What else can he do? Where else can he go?" Twenty-eight THE MUSIC came from electric mouths high up on the white walls. The people danced in the center of the room, awkwardly, rocking back and forth, but right...
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