Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

You could go outside in the very cool of the darkest

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Unformatted text preview: a thing to Tobias and to Walker. Nights before Laura Lee's birth she'd unlocked the attic door and she _ ..^y^ai. i. iie oia men had not been told until the child was safe in her arms. "Don't you see what that bastard has done?" Walker had cried. "It's to plant the witches' seeds! This is a witch too!" How frail was Laura Lee. Was that a witch's seed? If it was, then only the cats had known it. Think of the way they had crowded about Laura Lee, arching their backs and rubbing themselves on her thin little legs. Laura Lee with the witch's finger which she had not passed on to Alicia or Gifford, thank God! The light turned green. Ancient Evelyn began to walk across the street. The young man talked and talked, but she paid him no mind. She walked on, beside the whitewashed walls, next to the quiet and invisible dead, the properly buried dead, and by the time she reached the gates in the middle of the block, young Hanky-of-the-flowers was nowhere about, and she was not going to look back to see what...
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