Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

You gave this to me remember he said to aaron whats it

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Unformatted text preview: ack. I know who's coming at three tomorrow afternoon and at midnight tomorrow night. Got all 401 those names. I should have questioned this guy. Look, let me run that bastard out of here. He said he was working for the Mayfair family." "No, just watch him. Maybe Ryan did hire him. Maybe Ryan forgot to tell you and me. Just watch him, watch him and anybody like him, and don't let anyone in without talking to me." "Yes, sir." Michael went back inside, shutting the big door behind him. For a moment he stood against it, looking down the narrow hallway, at the old familiar sight of the high keyhole door to the dining room, and the bit of colored mural beyond. "What's going to happen, Julien? How is it going to work itself out?" Tomorrow the family would convene in the dining room to discuss this very question. If the man had not surfaced, what should they do? What was their obligation to others? How should it be handled? "We will deal with the specifics," Ryan had said, "with what we kn...
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