Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

You go about talking to wooden joists and beams and

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Unformatted text preview: , and east and west-truly was Paradise. Into this world I slipped almost without notice. I was a boy child, and this was a family that wanted female witches. I was a mere Prince of the Blood, and the court was a loving and friendly place, but no one observed that a little boy had been born who possessed probably greater witches' gifts than any man or woman ever in the family. In fact, my grandmother Marie Claudette was so disappointed that I was not a girl child that she stopped speaking to my mother, Margue- rite. Marguerite had already given birth to one male, my older brother, Remy, and now, having had the audacity to bring another into the world, she crashed down completely from favor. Of course Marguerite rectified this mistake as soon as possible, giving birth in 1830 to Katherine, who was to become her heiress and designee of the legacy-my darling little sister. But a coldness by then existed between mother and daughter, and was never healed in Marie Claudette's lifetime. LASHER Also I personally suspect that Marie Claudette took one look a...
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