Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

You had to have the music when the band was playing

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Unformatted text preview: Richard was so old. He didn't have very long. "No, I didn't tell him that story. I didn't want him to think-" "What? That Julien would bed a girl my age?" She had laughed. "You shouldn't have talked to that man at all." Richard hadn't lasted out the year, and when he died, they gave her his old records. He must have known about the Victrola, why else would he have left those old records to her? Evelyn should have given Mona the little Victrola a long time ago, and not with such ceremony in front of the other two, her idiot grand- daughters, Alicia and Gifford. Leave it to Gifford to confiscate every- thing-the music box itself and the beautiful necklace. "You dare!" Leave it to Gifford to have made the very wrong choice, leave it to Gifford to misunderstand. To gasp in horror when Ancient Evelyn had said the poem. "Why would he want you to have this? What did he think it could do? He was a witch and you know it. A witch as surely as the others." And then the terrible confession from Gi...
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