Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

You never saw such a committee assembled and finally

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Unformatted text preview: and watch- ing what went on as eagerly a_s ever. He imitated me more and more. Even when he visited Mother now, he came in a guise so like me that others thought it was I. He seemed to have lost any sense of himself, if he had ever had any. "What do you really look like?" I asked. "Laughter. Why ask me such a question?" "When you are flesh what will you be?" "Like you, Julien." "And why not like you were at first-brown-haired and brown- eyed?" "That was only for Suzanne, that was what Suzanne would see, and so I took that shape and grew in that shape, a Scotsman of her village. I would be you. You are beautiful." I pondered much. I gambled, drank, danced until dawn, fought and argued with Confederate patriots and Yankee enemies, made and lost fortunes in various realms, fell in love a couple of times, and in general 281 came to realize I grieved night and day for my Katherine. Perhaps I needed a purpose to my life, something beyond the making of money and...
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