Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

You offered it to me once you told me your purpose i

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Unformatted text preview: g the name "Ashlar," to which I nodded and gave a great open sign with both hands. Again I spied one of those tiny twisted creatures, garbed and hooded in black, and running very fast through the field towards me and then away. It seemed the others saw him, and drew together, whispering, but then followed me on down the road. Out in the fields, I saw men dancing. By the light of torches, and dark against the sky, I saw them with the horns and the skins! They had begun their old pagan Yuletide revelry. I must make the Proces- sion, and take them to the Baby Jesus. There was no doubt. By the time I reached the gates of the town there was a multitude. I went to the Cathedral and bade them wait. I went into the sacristy, where two elderly priests stood together, looking at me fearfully. "Give me robes, give me vestments," said I. "I would bring the valley together. I must at least have my cassock to begin and a white surplice. Do as I say." At once they hurried to help me...
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