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You realize they will write all this in that file

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Unformatted text preview: eldest and favorite son, Pierce, who was now heartbroken that the medical center along with every- thing else pertaining to Rowan was on indefinite hold. Shelby was also crushed, though being in law school still, she'd never been so involved; and even Lilia, Gifford's youngest and most estranged, at Oxford now, who had written home to say they must-at all costs-go on with the medical center. Gifford felt a sudden tensing all over, as once again she put it all together, only to be frightened by the picture and convinced that something had to be discovered, revealed, done! And then there was Michael's ultimate fate. What was it to be? He was recovering, so they said. But how could they tell Michael how bad things really were without causing him a setback? Michael could suffer another heart attack, one which might be fatal. So the Mayfair legacy has destroyed another innocent male, Gifford thought bitterly. It's no wonder we all marry our cousins; we don't want to bring in the innocents. When you mar...
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