Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

You want to a ride a bike yuri asked aaron yuri tried

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Unformatted text preview: ather. Yuri jumped. The white-haired man was standing in the door. Be- hind him, the room appeared to be empty. The body of Andrew had been taken away. "What do you mean?" demanded Yuri in Italian. "What are you saying to me?" "Your mother left it for you, with your father's passport, and money. She wanted you to have it." "I no longer have the key." "We'll go to the bank. We'll explain." "I don't want anything from you!" said Yuri furiously. "I can do well on my own." He made to move past the man, but the man caught his shoulder, and the man's hand was surprisingly strong for such an old hand. "Yuri, please. Andrew wanted me to help you." "You let him die. Some father you are! You sat there and you let him die!" Yuri shoved the man off balance, and was about to make his getaway when the man caught him around the waist. "I'm not really his father, Yuri," he said, as he set Yuri down and pushed him gently against the wall. The man collect...
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