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Youll feel better once youve communicated with the

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Unformatted text preview: past Henri and down the stairs. Henri came behind him, talking steadily, hand out to steady Michael when he almost fell. "Mr. Ryan's on his way over here. Coroner called from St. Martin- ville. She had papers in her purse. She fits the description. They say it's Dr. Mayfair, for sure." Eugenia was standing in his bedroom holding the phone in her hand. "Yes, sir, we've found him." Michael took the receiver. "Ryan?" "She's on her way in now," came the cool voice on the other end. "The ambulance is taking her straight to Mercy Hospital. She'll be there in about an hour, if they use the siren all the way. Michael, it doesn't look good. They can't get any response from her. They're describing a coma. We're trying to reach her friend Dr. Larkin, at the Pontchartrain. But there's no answer." "What do I do? Where do I go?" He wanted to get on 1-10 and drive north till he saw the oncoming ambulance, then swing around, cutting across the grass, and follo...
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