Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Youre here to do something you will try to do it but

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Unformatted text preview: nt doors of the building, clearly indicated he had left on his own. "Looks to me from this like he fell again in the elevator. See that. That's blood all over the carpet. He's weak, he's hurt." Well, he had been then, but was he still hurt now? They were canvassing every emergency room in the entire city. Every hospital, clinic, doctor's office. They would check the suburbs, and then move in concentric circles, checking, until they found where the bleeding man had gone. Within the direct vicinity of the building they were checking door to door. They were checking alleyways, and rooftops, restaurants, buildings that were boarded up. If the man was anywhere nearby, wounded, they would find him. As it was, the bloody foot tracks had vanished under the wheels of the passing traffic. Whether the man had climbed into a vehicle or simply crossed to the other side could never be known. The entire investigation was private, the best that money could buy. One agency after another had been en...
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