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Yuri was get ting hungry popcorn wasnt enough maybe

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Unformatted text preview: nese watch. That was all they had left of Yuri's father, who had died when Yuri was only two. Yuri was ten before he managed to reclaim those old treasures. The gypsies had had him stealing in Paris for months, and then in Venice, and in Florence, and only as winter came on had they gone to Rome. When he beheld the Eternal City, the city he had known with his mother, Yuri seized his opportunity. He knew where to go. In the middle of a Sunday morning, while the gypsy thieves worked the crowds of Vatican Square, he made his bid for freedom, diving right into a taxi with a wallet of newly stolen money, and soon was making his way through the crowded tourist caf6s of the Via Veneto, looking for rich company as his mother had always so gracefully done. It was no mystery to Yuri that there were men who preferred little boys to women. And he had learnt much from example, having watched his mother often through the keyhole or the crack in the door. It was quite obvious to him that to be an initiator can be easier than to be passive; and that if intimacy with strangers occurs in an atmo- sphere of graciousness, it is not so hard to bear. Another advan...
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