Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Yuri watched him not only was this person sick he was

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Unformatted text preview: tage perhaps was that he was by nature as affection- ate as his mother, and now he would call upon that, for he needed it, and it had always worked so well for her. He was lean from the miserable diet allowed him by his captors, but his teeth were very straight and he had managed to keep them very white. That his voice was beautiful he had no doubt. Practicing his smile before the mirror of a public lavatory, he then struck out to try it upon the companions of his choice. He proved an excellent judge of character. Except for a couple of little mistakes, he was soon back in his mother's element, among the familiar accoutrements of fine hotel rooms, quietly grateful for the delicious hot showers, and the scrump- tious room service suppers, rattling off with convincing ease-and a little bitter laughter-whatever story was necessary to satisfy the ques- tions of his bed partners and release from the constraints of conscience their obvious and predictable and entirely manageable desires. To one he said he was Hindu, to another Portuguese, and even once...
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