Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Yuris mind was inherently agile and not secre tive by

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Unformatted text preview: strange dreams, and then woke and cried again. When Mother looked out the distant windows, Emaleth saw the city of towers and lights. She heard what Mother heard-the airplanes above, and the cars far below-and she saw the clouds, and when Mother knew the names of these things, so did Emaleth. Mother cursed this place, she cursed herself, she said prayers to humans who were dead. Father had told Emaleth who these humans were and that they could never help Mother. The dead lie beyond, Father said. He had been with the dead, and he did not want to be with them again, until his time came. It would come but by that time he and Emaleth would have multiplied and subdued the Earth. The Earth would be for their children. "We have come again at the perfect moment. Never has the world been so prepared. In the distant past survival was too difficult for us. But not so now; we are the meek; we shall inherit the Earth." Emaleth prayed Father would come back. Father would free Mother from the bed; and Mother would not cry an...
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