Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

F1 often in the streets of florence i saw dutchmen

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Unformatted text preview: d; and he whispered that she was a great lady, and he could not name her, but that she was great enough to have made him afraid. ''No one must hear of this," said the priest. "No one must know what has taken place. I will take this blessed child in hand and see that he is consecrated to the Virgin, that he never touches the flesh of a woman." He then put me into a warm chamber where I might pass the night. He bolted the door on me. There was only a tiny window. The cold air crept in, but I could see a tiny bit of heaven, a few very small and bright stars. What did all these words mean? I didn't know. When I stood on the LASHER bed and peeped out the window, when I saw the dark forest and the jagged cut of the mountains, I felt fear. And I thought I could see the little people coming. I thought I could hear them. I could hear their drums. They would use their drums to freeze the Taltos, to render him helpless, and then they would surround him. Make a giant for us, make a giantess; make a race that shall punish t...
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