A. E. Van Vogt - The Rat and the Snake

A. E. Van Vogt - The Rat and the Snake - A.E. Van Vogt THE...

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Sheet1 Page 1 A.E. Van Vogt THE RAT AND THE SNAKE Mark Gray's main pleasure in life was feeding rats to his pet python. He kept the python in a blocked-off room in the old house in which he lived alone. Each mealtime, he would put the rat in a narrow tunnel he had rigged, At the end of the tunel was an opening. The rat, going thiough the narrow space into the bright room beyond, automatically spring-locked a gate across the opening. It would then find itself in the room with the python, with no way of escape. Mark liked to listen to its squeaks as it became aware of its danger, and then he would hear its mad scurring to escape the irresistible enemy. Sometimes he watched the exciting scene thiough a plate-glass window, but he actually preferred the sound to the fight, conjuring his own delectable mental pictues, always from the viewpoint of the python. During World War Ill, the O.P.A. forgot to put a ceiling price on rats. The catching of rats got no special priority. Rat catchers were drafted into the armed forces as readily as the other people. The supply of rats grew less. Mark was soon reduced to catching his own rats had to work for a living in the ever-leaner times of war, so that there were periods of time when the python was fed infrequently. Then one day Mark, ever searching, glimpsed some white rats through a window of an old commercial-style building. He peered in eagerly, and though the
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A. E. Van Vogt - The Rat and the Snake - A.E. Van Vogt THE...

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