AE Van Vogt - Barbarian, The

AE Van Vogt - Barbarian, The - A.E. Van Vogt THE BARBARIAN...

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Sheet1 Page 1 A.E. Van Vogt THE BARBARIAN In his initial address to the Patronate, following his return from Venus, Tews said among other things, "It is difficult for us to realze, but Linn is now without formidable enemies anywhere. Our opponents on Mars and Venus having been decisively defeated by our forces in the past two decades, we are now in a unique historical position: the sole great power in the world of man. A period of unlimted peace and creative reconstruction seems inevitable." He retrned to the palace with the cheers of the Patronate ringing in his ears, his mood one of thoughtful jubilation. His spies had already reported that the patrons gave him a great deal of the credit for the victory on Venus. After all, the war had dragged on for a long time before his arrival. And then, abruptly, almost overnight, it had ended. The conclusion was that his brilliant leadership had made a decisive contribution. It required no astuteness for Tews to realize that, under such circumstances, he could generously bestow a triumph on Jerrin, and lose nothing by the other's honors. Despite his own words to the Patronate, he found himself, as the peaceful weeks went by, progressively amazed at the reality of what he had said: no enemies. Nothing to fear. Even yet, it seemed hard to believe that the universe belonged to Linn now in his own sphere in a position of power over more subjects than any man had ever been. So it seemed to the dazzled Tews. He would be a devoted leader, of course - he reassured himself hastily, disowning the momentary pride. He visualized great works that would reflect the glory of Linn and the golden age of Tews. The vision was so noble and inspiring that for long he merely toyed with hazy, magnificent plans and took no concrete action of any kind. He was informed presently that Clane had returned from Venus. Shortly thereafter he received a message from the mutation. His Excellency, Lord Adviser Tews My most honored uncle: I should like to visit you and describe to you the result of several conversations between my brother Jerrin and myself concerning potential dangers for the empire. They do not seem severe, but we are both concerned about the preponderance of slaves as aganst citizens on Earth, and we are unhappy about our lack of knowledge of the present situation among the peoples of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Since these are the only dangers in sight, the sooner we examine every aspect of the problem the more certain we can be that the destiny of Linn will be under the control of intelligent action and not governed in future by the necessary opportunism that has been for so many generations the main element of government. Your obedient nephew,
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AE Van Vogt - Barbarian, The - A.E. Van Vogt THE BARBARIAN...

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